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NHS Treatment

This practice is committed to providing a full range of  N.H.S. treatment. This includes the following:

  • Routine fillings

  • Extractions

  • Scaling

  • Crowns (caps)

  • Dentures

  • Orthodontics – straightening of teeth with braces (usually fixed)


But please note that no cosmetic treatment is available on the NHS.​


Orthodontics straightens crooked teeth.  In this practice we mainly use fixed braces as in the picture, which provide the best possible results in the minimum time.  To qualify for NHS treatment, your child has to reach specific criteria of "crookedness" but your child is entitled to an NHS examination to decide this.

If you are not a patient of this practice, your dentist can refer you for an orthodontic examination.

Our Specialist Orthodontist also provides comprehensive private treatment for adults and children who cannot obtain NHS treatment


Regular attending patients.   If you telephone early enough, we will try and see you on the same day, although you may have to sit and wait.​ Non-regular patients,  We will offer you the first available appointment, which may be on the same day.

For severe emergencies outside of normal opening hours, please telephone for emergency arrangements run by the NHS England.​


It is really important to encourage children to get used to coming to the dentist.  We are here to help your child into good dietary habits, regular toothbrushing, and foreseeing and dealing with problems as they arise, such as the need for braces.

We strongly encourage you to bring your child or baby, at an early age, even before they have any teeth, to meet one of our friendly dentists, and get used to our surroundings.

Private Treatment

Certain items of treatment may not be available on the NHS,  such as certain bridges and crowns, cosmetically superior dentures, tooth coloured fillings on back teeth, tooth whitening, orthodontics (see the orthodontic section), and treatment to be finished quickly.

Your dentist will be happy to discuss the provision of these under private contract

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